Who is Pro-Fit? 

In May 2020, during the global COVID-19 pandemic, Pro-Fit Clothing officially launched their brand to the world, with its core aim to provide high quality activewear at affordable prices to those across the globe.
 Pro-Fit is a family affair, and this is exactly what we want our relationships with our customers to reflect. We want you to be involved in our business, we want you to feel a sense of belonging, we want to get to know you, and as we continue to grow, we want to take you along with us.
We are based in a rural village in Northern Ireland, in a close-knit community, and this is what we want our brand to present. A close-knit community of women who have aligned themselves with our brand in order to better themselves physically and mentally.
Our philosophy is driven by the current state of the fitness industry, yes, we said it, someone had to. Most brands are caught up in flashy advertising and empty promises, often charging above and beyond for below par quality goods, with little or no interaction with the customer. This is where we step in.
Our Brand
We truly believe we can grow as a business, while helping our customers grow with us, part of a joint journey for success, whether that be inside the gym or not. Our customers will understand the quality and design of our products when they first try them on. Our core purpose is to create products that will be durable to cope with the intensity of your workouts, but also provide an aesthetically appeal so you can feel confident and comfortable in our products.
Thank you and we hope to welcome you to the Pro-Fit Fam in the future!
Lorcán McParland